Revolutionizing Fitness in 7 Minutes a Day


In a world of busy schedules and packed days, 7-minute workouts have emerged as a game changer. It allows users to achieve their fitness goals with just 7 minutes and 30 seconds per exercise a day. Busy individuals with strict schedules can manage their health and wellness simply by downloading the application without the need for expensive equipment.



The aim of the client was to craft a 7-minute workout application that offers flexibility and maximum convenience to users who struggle to find time to exercise in their busy schedules. The challenge presented to the Coder Crew was to create a fitness app that provides extensive user-friendliness with its comprehensive features and adapts to users' tailored needs.



The 7 Minute Workout application was meticulously crafted for iOS users, leveraging the robust Swift technology. Our proficient team integrated audio guidance, providing instructions through voice prompts in each exercise. To cater to diverse user needs, our team incorporated an in-app purchase allowing users to choose and customize their own workout plans. The development and SQA teams collaborated seamlessly to ensure an exceptional user experience. The app is user-friendly, providing clear instructions and a health kit guide to facilitate seamless usability.


Tech Stack





Main Functionalities

  • In-app purchases.
  • Audio integration.
  • Personalized workout.
  • Customize workout.
  • Monitor progress.