Enhancing Convergent Hunting Solutions


Convergent Hunting Solutions offers a diverse range of hunting toolkits tailored for hunters, including Predator Pro, Deer Pro, Wild Turkey Pro, Wild Hog Pro, and Crow and Snow Pro. Each application has unique features designed to simplify and optimize hunting experiences. These apps are equipped with an array of calling sounds that alert predators to nearby prey. Central to these hunting toolkits is the cutting-edge Bullet HP electronic call, connecting them through its upgraded Bluetooth speaker technology. This speaker produces powerful sounds, effectively capturing the attention of your target. Furthermore, users can seamlessly record videos while managing calls and sounds from their devices.



Convergent Hunting Solutions navigated a dual challenge in its hunting toolkits. While distinct app features flourished, the absence of reliable audio hampered crucial hunting sounds, limiting predator alerts. The prospect of video recording was hindered by intricate camera and Bluetooth settings. App crashes further marred the user experience. The company wanted to elevate usability and performance.



Our comprehensive approach involved carefully analyzing crashing issues and upgrading the apps to rectify crashes and integrate advanced features. We ensured seamless sound production by managing camera settings and Bluetooth permissions, enabling easy video recording alongside hunting sounds. Leveraging Kotlin, we streamlined purchasing through an in-app function, delivering an enhanced user experience and optimal performance. Our team tested every feature carefully to ensure the app's stability & smooth user experience.


Tech Stack





Main Functionalities

  • Resolved app crashes.
  • Added in-app purchases.
  • Updated app versions.
  • Added Bluetooth video recording and sound.
  • Improved app speed.
  • Enhanced overall performance.