Bridging the Gap in Healthcare


In the ever-evolving digital world, IM Your Doc is a pioneering medical application that allows patients to schedule appointments online with their preferred doctors. IM Your Doc functions as a messenger app that facilitates direct communication between patients and healthcare professionals. This platform not only allows patients to seek tips and advice on chat but also provides the convenience of getting on-call medical guidance.



IM Your Doc was required to be built from scratch. The app aimed to revolutionize doctor and patient interactions by incorporating essential features such as audio and video call accessibility and providing secured chats for exceptional user experience. Stringent security measures were necessary to safeguard patients’ sensitive medical reports and ensure the confidentiality of doctor and patient conversations.



Our skilled development team developed an Android application for IM Your Doc. We seamlessly integrated real-time chat for patient and doctor interactions, incorporated voice and video call capabilities, streamlined online payments, and established a secure repository for telemedicine records. Robust security measures were implemented to safeguard sensitive medical reports ensuring the utmost privacy and data protection for users, meeting HIPAA requirements. This comprehensive solution enhances the user experience and revolutionizes interaction in the digital age.


Tech Stack





Main Functionalities

  • Payouts.
  • Telemed records.
  • Voice/video call.