Empowering Dental Professionals


Nobel Biocare is a renowned dental solutions provider headquartered in Switzerland. Offers top-tier dental training and high-quality dental equipment across nearly 80 countries. From single tooth to full implant surgeries, Nobel Biocare offers comprehensive learning programs, guided surgeries, and top-quality essentials that empower professional dentists to give comfort and exceptional care to their patients.



Nobel Biocare is a groundbreaking company with over 65 years of continuous discovery and innovation that digitized in 2015. Nobel Biocare is a leading company of implant surgeries and empowers many dental professionals. It is imperative to keep their online presence outstanding and up to date. The existing website required some enhancements to improve user experience and some additional features were needed to meet the needs of the global customer base. Moreover, the server needed to be updated, and bugs needed to be addressed to ensure an exceptional user experience.



Nobel Biocare trusted and partnered with the Coder Crew to revamp their online presence. The experts of the Coder Crew meticulously updated the older version of the Nobel Biocare website with the latest backend Laravel framework. The primary focus was on enhancing user experience and streamlining tracking and billing processes to make global shipping seamless. Real-time notifications are implemented to keep users informed of the latest solutions and products. Further, bugs and glitches are diligently addressed by our dedicated SQA team ensuring a flawless website experience.


Tech Stack





Main Functionalities

  • Updated server.
  • Tracking system.
  • Billing process.
  • Real time notifications.