Transforming Job Hunting Experience


Wonolo is a platform designed to simplify job hunting, offering flexibility and convenience to students and individuals with traditional 9-5 jobs. Wonolo makes finding jobs easy with immense opportunities and benefits. It allows you to work on your terms, anytime and anywhere with no resumes and interviews. A fair opportunity for all having transparency and autonomy.



The Wonolo app was created to revolutionize the job hunting experience making it more flexible and transparent. However many users found the innovation not so helpful because of its slow response times and prolonged loading durations. Several features required enhancements to improve user experience. Recognizing the challenges, Wonolo collaborated with The Coder Crew to ensure users’ exceptional and glitch-free experience.



Wonolo’s partnership with The Coder Crew revamped the innovative platform. Our team of experts worked diligently to update both iOS and Android applications to the latest versions leveraging robust technologies, Kotlin and Swift. The primary goal was to enhance user experience, so our skilled team ensured the fast speed and reliability of the application. Not only that, we meticulously built new features such as invite friends functionality and referral system along with upgraded payment methods. Lastly, bugs and glitches are addressed by our dedicated SQA team ensuring a flawless user experience.


Tech Stack




Swift IOS

Main Functionalities

  • Invite Friends.
  • Referrals.
  • Payment Method.